Drivers can be helpful to us and when we have awareness of them and we can then use them as working styles.

If we can recognise these in ourselves and others we can then work to get the best out of ourselves rather than be driven by them.

The five drivers are:

  1. Please others- Their priority is to get on with people and so are great team players and very inclusive. (Sensitive to criticism, don’t express their own views for fear of upsetting others).
  2. Be Strong – Are very calm under pressure and great in a crisis. (Do not ask for help or express feelings).
  3. Try Hard – Very enthusiastic and great at starting new tasks and being innovative. (Can fail to finish what they start).
  4. Be Perfect – If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. Provide accurate and reliable work. (Miss deadlines, at risk of burnout).
  5. Hurry Up –They work quickly and get a lot done, they love being busy. (Can make mistakes and experience frustration).


We used Working Styles during our Project-HCM behavioural action research project. The following table shows the average of our research respondents.