[I liked] working with colleagues from across Uni – fun and interactive session.  Really made me think about the differing aspects of running a Uni in a strategic way.

Universities and Education

We have partnered up with a number of universities to create and deliver learning solutions.

  • University of Manchester – sim-uni: Worked with the Staff Training and Development Unit to create a learning simulation that models a university. sim-uni is used to enable both academics and corporate staff to see the big picture and collaborate more effectively. Provided consultancy, design and development services. See: www.sim-uni.co.uk
  • University of Northampton – Planit-Housing: Worked with lecturers in the School of Health to develop a module looking at housing, health and exclusion. The module is anchored around a learning simulation that integrates with non-computer based exercises and is delivered over a series of lectures. Provided design, development and delivery services. See: Planit-Housing
  • University of Chester – Project-HCM: Consultancy, design and delivery of a behavioural leadership action research project. Project-HCM delivered training, coaching, small group work and simulation based workshops to 20 food and drink companies. 
  • University of Sheffield – The Environmental Skills Store / Integrated Skills Store / Virtual EMS & Waste Management: The Environmental Skills Store (TESS) offering on-line consultancy; networking; articles; downloadable resources; tools and 5 e-Learning courses. TESS included 3 Situated Training products where learners explored a virtual site interacting with characters and objects. Expanded TESS into Integrated Skills Store (ISS) offering quality and health & safety training and included 3 e-Learning courses, 5 blended learning courses, a skills planning tool and a Learning Management System. 
  • Sheffield Hallam University – Affordable Housing: Converted an existing Pixel Fountain learning simulation (Regen-IT) to be used in an affordable housing module..
We have delivered learning simulation based classes in numerous schools and colleges. In addition, we have deliver a number of project based learning projects.

We have also delivered workshops and supported programmes in:

Manchester University | Manchester Metropolitan University | University of Liverpool | University of Nottingham, London Metropolitan University | Liverpool John Moore University | Sheffield Hallam University | University of Worcester | University of Sheffield | Liverpool Hope University.

We stepped out of our silos. It was a great opportunity to view the University operation from a different perspective and to appreciate the value of collaborative working across the organisation.
Head of Student Operations


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