Unilever Away Day

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Values Alignment using a Simulation Unilever had recently adopted a new values system based on work done by Unesco. The Unilever One World Manifesto considered the importance of leadership, trust, knowledge, and communication. pixelfountain were invited to deliver an event that would show how these values could be mainstreamed into behaviours and work practices.   [...]

Gamified Workshop

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Simple Gamified Workshop Considering Behaviours  and Attitudes to the Food & Drink Sector While we have created numerous sophisticated learning simulations for use in gamified workshops, it is possible to do develop a simpler solution. As part of a large project with University of Chester – Project-HCM - we ran a STEM Day during National Science [...]


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An action research project in partnership with the University of Chester and funded by the UKCES UK Futures Programme Project-HCM undertook more than 60 activities with over 100 individuals from 20 companies in food and drink supply chains. The project made use of iterative action research. We were able to test the applicability of Transactional [...]

Successful Introverts

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Helping introverts to succeed and add more value Some individuals and teams have a tendency towards introversion, particularly IT, finance and other ‘back office’ functions. Being introverted can be a very positive attribute for these functions because introverts are good at focussing on a task, analysis & problem solving and they are self-motivated. But those with [...]