Project Description

Values Alignment using a Simulation

Unilever had recently adopted a new values system based on work done by Unesco. The Unilever One World Manifesto considered the importance of leadership, trust, knowledge, and communication. pixelfountain were invited to deliver an event that would show how these values could be mainstreamed into behaviours and work practices.  


Simultaneous Simulations Sessions (Planit-Sustainability)


“pixelfountain ran the Planit-Sustainability town planning simulation as a team building activity with over two hundred members of Laundry R&D. They organised our group into two towns, Surf City & Comfortville, with eight departments in each town and every individual within these departments has a specific role.

As the activity unfolds, it’s imperative to generate strategy, share information and interact effectively both within and between departments. pixelfountain did an excellent job of linking the activity with the behaviours we aspire to and which we’ve captured in our One World manifesto. The activity ran for about 2.5 hours and ran over “3 years” in the life of these towns; after each “year” pixelfountain ran simulations based on the “towns” plans and commented on the behaviours they’d observed all the time referring back to our manifesto.

Despite the narrow win for Surf City the activity was highly enjoyable, competitive and demonstrable of the need to build trust, share knowledge, communicate effectively and lead strategy decisively in order to win”

Ken Metcalf, R&D Laundry / One World Manifesto Project Manager