Project Description

Town Planning

Northwich Town Council engaged us in to help develop their town plan. This involved working with a disparate group of stakeholders over two sessions. We built trust and got the group working together to develop a sustainable solution to overcome issues facing the town.  

[I liked the] interaction with people that you may not usually interact with, as well as gaining the views of others.
Debra Lewis, Conservation Officer


Session 1 (Developing the People and Framing the Issues):

  • Extended Ice Breaker using Planit-Sustainability to bring a group together.
  • Develop the assessment criteria.
Session 2 (Ideas and Making them Happen):
  • Walk around the area in question.
  • SWOT analysis for whole area to bring out key themes.
  • Spatial analysis using maps to allow sub groups to identify opportunities for the area by placing indicators on the map. Swap members of the sub groups to elicit a critique.
  • Finalise ideas and sell them to the whole group.
  • List the best ideas and perform a timeline analysis to identify key milestones, resources and risks.  

Many thanks … the workshops enabled us to get really stuck in to our  subject, and attracted all the right people around the table. The result was a flood of innovative ideas and objectives, developing into a Vision for regeneration of the Civic heartland of the Town. It also got people thinking positively about solutions and funding, with a number of new funding sources coming out of the discussions and awareness sessions. Result !!!!
Jonathan Williams, Town Clerk and RFO, Middlewich Town Council