Project Description

Understanding young people issues

Planit-YP deals with the complex issues surrounding young people. IT models the life of a community. Teams play the role of key decision makers including education, health sector, emergency services and targeted youth support.

Teams need to work together to sort problems such as teenage pregnancy, anti-social behaviour, worklessness, and drugs in a virtual community. They need to consider root causes and create positive alternatives.Win-win-win solutions need to be negotiated and incidents avoided.

Finally – after each round – the teams are scored on indicators relating to young people.

[I liked the ] interactive nature, I think the tool would be great with young people
Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator
The workshop combined fun and learning with realistic outcomes.
  • Improving the implementation of Every Child Matters.
  • Service Design/Participatory Budgeting
  • Engagement and consultation
  • Team building and Away Days
  • Local Authorities (Children’s Services)
  • Other public sector organisations (NHS, Police)
  • Neighbourhood Management/Communities
  • Government Departments – DoH
  • Young People

Plan > Do > Review

As with all our learning simulations, Planit Young People is played over a number of rounds made up of 3 phases – Plan > Do > Review:


Teams look at reports and consider their budget. They plan a strategy for their team and consider how they need to work with other teams.


Teams spend their budgets. They negotiate and seek win-wins with other teams. They present their decisions to the the group and the facilitator – explaining what they have done and why.


After the round has been updated – decisions are processed in the game algorithm – the teams review the situation. They look at the score and consider what worked and what didn’t. The next round begins …