Project Description

Understanding sustainable communities

Planit-Sustainability learning simulation raises awareness about sustainable development. The learning simulation models the life of a community. Teams play organisations a local partnership and need to create a sustainable community.

The core learning simulation (computer based resource management game) is a sophisticated model of a virtual community. The simulation allows a group of decision makers to develop strategies and improve problem solving skills. The simulation is used within a workshop setting and requires 8 sub teams to consider reports, make purchases and review objectives. Win-win-win solutions need to be negotiated and incidents avoided.

These decisions are processed in an algorithm and are graphically represented on dynamic screens and allow the delegates to get immediate feedback on what they have done. After each round, the teams are scored on sustainability indicators and public opinion.

Sim Walkthrough
“The thing I liked most was playing the learning simulation and I now hope to improve liaison with other bodies about sustainable development.”
Assistant Chief Exec of Bury PCT


  • Increasing awareness of sustainable development.
  • Engagement and consultation.
  • Team building and Away Days.
  • Sustainable Procurement.
  • Induction.
  • Strategy

Case Study