Project Description

Understanding Local Authorities

Govern-IT models a local authority. Teams play services, members and external partners, together they need to improve the local authority. The members team have to show leadership and, along with corporate team, steer strategy. Efficiency savings have to be made and quality improved while managing risk.

Govern-IT brings clarity to a complex problem by showing cause and effect. Delegates get to see the ‘big picture’ and to develop win-win solutions, which makes the issues real, relevant, and manageable.

Very interactive and gave an opportunity for all members to understand the sometimes difficult decisions that need to be taken.
Learning whilst doing the simulation was fun, engaging and made you think.
  • Increasing awareness of governance.
  • Shared learning across local authorities and departments ( to reduce silo perspective).
  • Team building and Away Days.
  • Induction (including member induction).
  • Cabinet Member recruitment.
  • Local Council Members & Officers.
  • Finance and Audit Teams.
  • Overview and Scrutiny committee members.
  • Local Authority Planning and Policy teams.

Plan > Do > Review

As with all our learning simulations, Planit Young People is played over a number of rounds made up of 3 phases – Plan > Do > Review:


Teams look at reports and consider their budget. They plan a strategy for their team and consider how they need to work with other teams.


Teams spend their budgets. They negotiate and seek win-wins with other teams. They present their decisions to the the group and the facilitator – explaining what they have done and why.


After the round has been updated – decisions are processed in the game algorithm – the teams review the situation. They look at the score and consider what worked and what didn’t. The next round begins …