Project Description

Raising awareness of environmental management

10 module e-Learning course was developed for use by new employees and contractors.


Hanson Aggregates and Tarmac needed to educate its workforce about the importance of environmental management issues. The issues were wide ranging and included noise, dust, oil storage, land management and visual impact.

To complicate matters further the workforce was distributed across many sites and some of the workforce potentially had issues around basic skills.


The course was very rich in audio and visuals (2D and 3D graphics, photos, and animations); text was used sparingly given the potential basic skills issues.

The e-Learning included fun elements and learning puzzles, which reinforce the learning points by challenging the learner not just to sit back and watch.

The modules included an end test and bespoke management system to enable managers to judge the employees understanding.


The programme has enabled both Hanson Aggregates and Tarmac deliver high environmental standards.Key to the programme’s success was that it was designed around the needs of the target audience. And because the design incorporated a lot of interactive elements, it hasn’t got tired like the glorified presentations that masquerade as e-Learning.