Project Description

Raising awareness of waste management across Merseyside

Defra and Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority engaged Pixel Fountain to deliver a programme of workshops using our Planit Waste learning simulation.


With all local authorities facing stringent targets for increasing the volume of waste that can be recycled and reducing the amount that goes to landfill sites, many are working together to work on long-term strategies to achieve the targets.


The learning simulation is delivered in an interactive workshop alongside non-computer activities. The simulation models a county and the delegates are split into 5 teams to represent WCAs, WDA and the Waste Industries.

The partnership needs to work together to avoid LATs penalties and other problems such as failing industries. Will the delegates create a sustainable waste management strategy?

The final phase of the workshop gets the delegates to reflect on what they have learned and to start the process of action planning and ‘Making it Happen’ in the real world.


The programme used the Planit Waste learning simulation.



Learning improvement stated by delegates
Delegate were asked to rank their knowledge before and after the workshop.

Knowsley Liverp’l MWDA Sefton St Helens Wirral Avg
Waste Management 42% 18% 28.5% 28.5% 51% 31.7% 33.4%
Needs of the Community 35.8% 7% 17.8% 18% 11.5% 16.7% 17.5%
Decision Making 35% 19% 33% 39.5% 49% 33% 35%
Avg 37.6% 14.6% 26% 28.6% 37% 27%% 28.6%


This learning improvement from the 12 workshops is a significant gain to the capability of the 149 delegates and the waste management decision making capacity of the sub region.

Made you want to know more – ‘Education by stealth’.
A fun way of considering the issues surrounding waste management in the community.
Municipal Tendering Manager, Biffa Waste Services
This is an excellent method of learning and practicing decision making.
Sefton delegate