Narrative-Based Learning (Situated Training)

A situated training course puts the trainee in a virtual setting where they need to visit various locations, talk to characters and interact with objects. Situated training is built around a cause and effect engine and provides a vehicle to deliver problem solving training. The approach is useful to train skills such as project management, auditing and behavioural dynamics.

Power of Stories

  • Stories are memorable – they allow us to connect to a subject and not just passively absorb information.
  • Stories generate emotions – they make us feel, we are engaged.
  • Stories allow people to explore perspective – they enable us to be empathic and think in different ways.
  • Stories allow us to explore cause and effect  – they transform logic into a narrative arc.
  • Stories allow us to make meaning and sense of a situation – they help us develop clarity and understanding.
  • Stories are transformational/persuasive – they can transport us to an alternative ‘reality’ without bludgeoning us with facts.

Situated Training can be use in a variety of ways such as: change management, training, personal development and assessment.

Situated training screen shot
A brilliant idea which will engage pupils, encourage discussion and competition.