As well as developing games, we can develop page-flipping e-Learning. We use Opus to develop media rich e-Learning that can readily make use of JavaScript and databases while rendering SCORM compliant output to HTML5.

We can also develop in Adobe Captivate and Articulate. While they can be limiting, these authoring tools can offer rapid development opportunities. And with a little bit of scripting sat under the bonnet, the results can be impressive and not simply PowerPoint with questions.

e-Learning can also make use of games. Whether, a game or page-flipping treatment is the best, depends on the subject matter. In general complex subjects lend themselves to games and learning simulations.

  • Not just a presentation with questions.
  • Can include video, images, different question types, tools, mini-games/simulations and so much more.
  • E-Learning that matches the decade we are in.
e-Learning Demo

Case Study

Environmental Management

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Raising awareness of environmental management 10 module e-Learning course was developed for use by new employees and contractors. [...]

Mini Story

This simple mini story is based on three panel photo strips. The instructional design of each of the three parts part of the slide’s story is structured around premise, dilemma and resolution. Built around a simple multiple choice question, they present a larger narrative made up of a series of mini three part stories.

The use of stories in learning can be taken much further, Indeed, we have developed sophisticated narrative-based learning using Captivate.

Mini Story Demo