Blended Learning

Small Group Work and One-on-One

  • Initial Assessment (Behavioural Health Check and Needs Assessment).
  • Transactional Learning and Coaching: Coaching combined with learning to accelerate the embedding of behavioural concepts with a focus on self-awareness and others, building self-belief and taking personal responsibility.
  • Small Group Work: Group coaching combined with shared learning with a focus on interaction, communication and decision making. These interactive sessions accelerate behavioural understanding by allowing delegates to learn by doing.

Project-HCM Case Study


said very effective or effective in raising their awareness of others in the workplace


said very effective or effective in improving their ability to take personal responsibility for problem solving in the workplace


said very effective or effective in raising their awareness of themselves in the workplace


said very effective or effective in improving their belief in their ability to change

Collaborative Workshops

When used in a workshop, our computer-based collaborative learning simulations blend the best of traditional and interactive learning.

Our innovative approach has been used in over 450 workshops to successfully train more than 6,500 individuals. Long–term evaluation of our workshop based learning simulation approach has shown that the immediate benefits translate into changed behaviour, better decision making and improved skills, which ultimately are incorporated into organisational improvements.

Workshops typically contain between 16 and 32 people. But we have also held large events where 70-100 delegates have been involved. We ran an event for Unilever with 200 delegates split into two competing teams in one room!

Clear, casual link between decision making & community change. Brilliant!
Government Office, Policy Advisor

Planit-Sefton Case Study

When asked what they have taken from the day, delegates typically respond with commitments to:

joined-up thinking
improved performance
strategic thinking
I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.
– Confucius

Learning Styles

Collaborative learning simulations create a rich situated learning experience that is far removed from death by PowerPoint. They combine visual, auditory AND kinaesthetic learning styles and are meaningful and memorable.

VAK Style Description In our workshops, these learners…
Visual Learn through seeing Respond to graphic changes and visual reports
Auditory Learn through listening Respond to group discussions and analysis by the facilitator
Kinesthetic Learn through moving and doing Generally get out of their seats quickly and start negotiating

Note: Research undertaken by IBM and confirmed by the Post Office discovered that long term recall is affected by how the information was originally delivered.

Recall after 3 months:

told and shown
told, shown and experienced

The Art of Communication

Collaborative learning simulations get everyone involved and anchor learning conversations. These conversations – within the teams, between teams, at group level and with the facilitators – create dialogue and build relationships.

This approach aids knowledge acquisition, develops generic skills and ultimately improve performance through  behavioural improvements and collaborative decision-making.

Plan, do, review learning simulation cycle
  • Investigate report screens.
  • Spend budgets and negotiate.
  • Present decisions.
  • Facilitator inputs the purchase.
  • Update the round.
  • Graphics and reports change.
  • Incidents may trigger.
  • Consider the score.
  • Review the situation.
The richness of the experience was in the discussions, facilitated by Paul, as we went through the purchases and the strategic rationale for the decisions made. I thought that this offered very good learning opportunities and different perspectives on why we do what we do.
The simulation nature coupled with the discussion with other ‘teams’ made a welcome change from the usual death by PowerPoint and sleep inducing presentations. A well run event, which really got the message across in a stimulating and innovative way.
Good brisk pace, enjoyable, with very knowledgeable trainer.
Very good, excellent delivery, relevant and enjoyable.