I’ve never participated in such a clear and exciting game.  And I feel it is excellent that this workshop works to improve partnership and citizen participation.

Ideation and Design

At Pixel Fountain, we pride ourselves on our ability to create ‘out-of-the’ box solutions to difficult problems. Paul Ladley – our lead designer – has been developing solutions for over two decades that push the boundary of learning and engagement using interactivity and games.

Currently, we are working on new tech destination concept, Digital Storytelling and  improving STEM education.


The Museum of Electronic Games + Arts

MEG+A is a new type of destination: a museum, arcade, education centre, community hub and incubator that will:

  • Inspire Visitors
  • Inform Education
  • Involve Communities
  • Incubate Businesses

 MEG+A will create fun and educational experiences that tap into authenticity and the desire to make. It will unleash the creative potential of individuals, education, communities and businesses.



We are working with a consortium including 3 software houses plus Manchester Metropolitan University, London South Bank University, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany & Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

Megablox will allow teachers and learners to create dynamic digital stories. Megablox stories are made up of learning blocks joined together into stories. Building a learning block is akin to creating a film scene. Scenes are populated with props & characters (objects) and include dialogue/action (dialogue & events). Events triggered in one block (Spring on the farm) such as irrigating crops means more crops are available in another block (Autumn). Water shortages occur in the town block. Choices and dilemmas can be dynamically explored. Collaborative play means the choices one learner makes affect other learners.

Megablox will interact with the real-world via QR-Codes and Internet-of-Things devices.


Science Education as a Service

Sci:EaaS represents an out of the box solution to delivering high quality science education in England. It seeks to solve the problem of the shortage of high quality science teachers and also makes science engaging for a digital generation. Sci:EaaS will make use of interactive digital media and innovative simulations and e-Learning  within a pedagogical approach based on the 5Es (Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend then Evaluate).

We are currently progressing Sci:EaaS with Manchester Metropolitan University.

Paul Ladley
Paul LadleyDirector and Principal Learning & Development Consultant
Paul has been designing and developing learning games and simulations for over 15 years. He has a vast knowledge of game mechanisms and experience in delivering gamified products and services to varied audiences. He is considered an expert in the field and has been invited as a guest speaker on webinars and events such as the Westminster Education Forum.

Paul is one of the authors of Pixel Fountain’s Games Based Learning and Gamification Blog which is highly regarded and has won a ‘Best in Gamification’ award.