Councils can be a bit insular. People work in isolation, but the workshop encouraged collaboration.

Partnership Working

Over the years, we have delivered a number of partnership programmes in local government and the private sector (supply chains). Our collaborative approach and focus on dialogue means that we are able to get people on the same page. We create breakthrough moments.

  • We have got political parties working together.
  • We have improved member/officer working.
  • We have brought disparate organisations together to constructively develop community strategies.
  • We have broken down behavioural barriers in supply chains – barriers that have existed for years.

67% say Planit-NW workshops have improved working relationships and joint working within local communities.

75% of local coordinators say that Planit-Waste workshops strengthened working relationships and partnership working.

Partnership building in Milton Keynes.
“Your workshop definitely accomplished the first objective – Inform participants on partnership work. In fact at our recent Steering Group meeting members used words – for the first time – like commissioning / decommissioning / aligning resources. There was also a change in how they talked to one another, much more as equals, open and challenging.”

Example Programmes

Local Government Partnerships
We have used simulation based regional programmes across England to bring partnerships together. We have delivered workshops to over 70 local authorities and their partners such as police, fire & rescue, NHS, colleges etc.

Supply Chains
We have worked with Food and Drink supply chains including blue-chips, SMEs and micro-businesses. We delivered a number of different interventions including individual behavioural coaching, small group work and collaborative workshops.