It was very interactive and as you got put into different role plays, and interacted with other groups, got to think about various issues from different points of view.

Capacity Building

Developing capacity of members through general induction and  in programmes on specific issues such as sustainability and governance. We can bring disparate groups of stakeholders together. We build trust and get the group working together to develop a sustainable solutions.
Our expertise in behavioural dynamics means we can offer leadership programmes that move beyond technical understanding. We help develop behaviourally competent leaders, who are able to get the most out of people and make good decisions.

We have also used our learning simulations within leadership programmes. Learning simulations are versatile and along with behavioural dynamics provide a platform to develop 21st Century skills.

“The workshop [The Leadership Challenge Event] combined fun and learning with realistic outcomes. It enabled joint working across a range of services.” – Delegate

We have delivered workshops in local authorities and universities to induct new employees/members and inform interns. We have used learning simulation such as  based on a community (Planit-Sustainability), a local authority (Govern-IT) and a university (sim-uni). The learning simulations enable delegates to understand the organisation in a broad context and test their understanding in a risk free environment. We can also include aspects of behavioural dynamics so that staff buy in to the organisation’s behavioural framework or policy & procedures).
Our learning simulations provide an excellent way for teams to work on a meaningful exercise. The delegates can investigate strategies and decision making while working collaboratively towards a common goal. The learning simulation is removed from the day-to-day working lives of the delegate, so it allows the delegates to see the world from a different perspective. Learning simulation with their high level of engagement, multiplayer format, drama and competitive element lend themselves to events.
Capacity build in Cheshire Housing Partnership.

Case Studies