We delivered at the Macron Stadium (Bolton) within our Project-HCM action research project. The workshop was delivered to a senior team to test the hypothesis that a “learn by doing” approach was a key way to garner buy-in to the behavioural framework.

The workshop put forward theoretical concepts drawn from behavioural management theory, transactional analysis and behavioural economics.

Crucially the team explored these concepts by getting involved in interactive exercises. They played a number of games including classic ones such as the Ultimatum Game and the Investor Game where the players were playing for jelly babies.

They also played a learning simulation (serious game) entitled Planit-Sustainability developed by pixelfountain. The learning simulation allowed the team to work together on a shared problem and behaviours were observed and discussed. This allowed the subject matter experts to test understanding of the concepts and for them to realise that understanding various behaviours is part of the company’s competitive advantage.