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Behavioural Dynamics

Behavioural Dynamics utilises the latest research into people-centred management. It integrates concepts from Transactional Analysis and Behavioural Economics. It enables individuals and teams to map behavioural situations and identify exits routes from vicious circles.

Behavioural Dynamics challenges leaders & managers to put people at the heart of their plans. Ploughing ever more money into process improvement provides no guarantee of success. It is your people that provide both the weakest link and the greatest opportunity for change. But, people do not act like the robots that spreadsheets and plans suggest; instead they exhibit normal human differences and biases. They are often irrational and unpredictable decision makers.

Most people are decent, hard-working and want to spend their time at work productively and not be side tracked into vicious cycles of negative behaviour. Yet workplaces are full of bad behaviour. So, what goes wrong? Differences in individuals, teams and organisations (in terms of pressures, goals, culture, working styles and backgrounds) can strain relationships, sometimes catastrophically. It is often seemingly small behavioural problems (biases, rules of thumb, misunderstandings, passivity and blame) that cause sub-optimal performance.

Our Behavioural Programmes approach uses experiential learning and Transactional Learning & Coaching to deliver behavioural breakthroughs

Organisational TA: They Are OK, Are You?
Mary Dees
Mary DeesDirector and Behavioural Consultant
Registered psychotherapist, consultant, coach, trainer & facilitator (300+ workshops with leaders & managers from business, public sector and education).

Mary’s 23 years experience includes group work & master classes for leaders & managers, partnerships and collaboration for leaders in supply chains and local/regional areas (including the Siberian Government), bringing together diverse/dispersed teams and conflict management.

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