Working Styles / Drivers

Drivers can be helpful to us and when we have awareness of them and we can then use them as working styles. If we can recognise these in ourselves and others we can then work to get the best out of ourselves rather than be driven by them. The five drivers are: Please others- Their [...]

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Behavioural Buy-in Via Learn by Doing

We delivered at the Macron Stadium (Bolton) within our Project-HCM action research project. The workshop was delivered to a senior team to test the hypothesis that a “learn by doing” approach was a key way to garner buy-in to the behavioural framework. The workshop put forward theoretical concepts drawn from behavioural management theory, transactional analysis and [...]

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Behavioural Barriers to Growth

At the core of many of the barriers to growth are people. This is not simply a problem of recruiting and nurturing talent, although that is hugely important, it is about how leaders build cohesive teams and communicate clarity. It is about how people interact with each other and how they make decisions in all [...]

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