Thoroughly enjoyable and ‘opened a lot of eyes’ in our team.
I think the round of applause at the end sums it up. Our team are not easily pleased!!

Creative Solutions to Personal and Organisational Development

We are creative thinkers and problem solvers. We work closely with our clients to develop new ideas and ‘out-of-box’ solutions to often longstanding and difficult issues.  

Whether your team needs to become behaviourally competent, your partners/supply chain needs to work together more effectively or you need to engage individuals in challenging topics, we are keen to help.

Pixel Fountain solutions are built on sound research and years of being at the cutting edge of learning design – we developed our first learning game and portal  in 1998.

Since then, we have continued to use our creative (out-of-the-box) thinking to develop genuinely innovative solutions to enable individuals & organisations to change and improve.  

Creative Ideas

- out-of-the-box -

Creative Ideas

Our creative ideas provide a new perspective on difficult to solve problems. We apply our research and expertise in games based learning and/or behavioural dynamics to improve you and your organisation.

Learning Solutions

- innovative and blended -

Learning Solutions

We create learning solutions that make use of innovative technology such as simulations, learning tools & portals. We can blend technology with traditional learning, offering you the best-of-both worlds.

Development Programmes

- engaging and far-reaching -

Development Programmes

We can tackle difficult problems with our development programmes. We can help you build capacity and improve your partnerships & supply chains and benefit from the latest research into behavioural dynamics.

Key Facts

95% had a good or very good learning experience
67% of delegates reported improved decision-making one year on.
Average rating of the learning-simulation was 86%
75% reported strengthened working relationships and partnership working.
94% indicated good/excellent knowledge levels of sustainability [up from 36%].

Evaluation of our programmes highlight improvements in three areas, which translate into improved interactions and decision making:

  • Strategic Thinking – Understanding the key driver and needs. Does a particular decision help us get closer to our goal?
  • Joined-up Thinking – Understanding cause and effect provides perspective, reduces waste, and increases win-wins.
  • Collaborative Working – Working with stakeholder groups and partners improves decision-making by allowing organisations to benefit from the ‘wisdom of the crowd’.

Working in the Public and Private Sector

Funded and Public Sector

- ideation -

Funded and Public Sector

Innovative Learning solutions
Local council member training
Officer training
Partnership working
Awareness raising


University and Education

- curriculum, development and partnerships -

University and Education

Behavioural Research
Innovative Learning solutions
Faculty Away days
Leadership & Management
Interns training
Curriculum delivery


Private Sector

- development and partnerships -

Private Sector

Behavioural frameworks
Behavioural programmes
Leadership & Management
Team building
Values alignment
Graduate recruitment


We Deliver What You Need

  • We created our first learning game in 1998 and have developed over 25 more since then.
  • We blend traditional and digital learning to generate unique shared learning experiences.
  • We develop portals, narrative-based learning (digital storytelling), games and learning simulations to meet varied needs.

Currently we are working on difficult problems such as behavioural barriers to organisational improvement, partnership working, generation code and engagement in STEM.

Pixel Fountain has over 20 years’ commercial experience acquired working on corporate, local government, healthcare and education accounts.

Lead Consultants:

  • Paul Ladley leads on learning design. He has worked for over 20 years creating innovative learning solutions that have received plaudits and awards.
  • Mary Dees leads on Behavioural Dynamics. She is a trained psychotherapist and has helped numerous individual and teams to deal with situations and improve their performance.
We can offer:

  • Creative solutions to complex problems.
  • Consultancy and expertise in games, behavioural dynamics (Transactional Analysis and Behavioural Economics) and sustainable development.
  • Full-life-cycle development of innovative learning solutions: project management , design, development, delivery and QA.
  • Development and delivery of programmes to support organisational development, partnership working, behavioural dynamics and capacity building.
Our solutions are developed using agile variation on the classic instructional systems development method ADDIE (Analysis > Design > Development > Implementation > Evaluation). Rather than a classic waterfall cascade with one element being the input for the next, we utilise a number of iterations to ensure that the final output is tuned along the way to ensure that it delivers what is expected. This iterative approach enables solutions to be responsive to user needs.

The solution will be developed as a series of designs and prototypes. Much like the sprints in Scrum/Agile development these designs and prototypes will emerge from a series of questions/challenges:

  • What do users need?
  • What interactivity can be created?
  • Which areas of the subject matter should be tackled?
  • How can usability be ensured?
  • What will the interface look like?
Delivering a collaborative workshop at Barnsley Townhall using Planit-Sustainability learning simuation.
Very Interactive, kept my attention and encouraged learning underpinning knowledge.

Chief Exec of Bury MBC

Thoroughly enjoyable and opened a lot of eyes in our team. I think the round of applause at the end sums it up. Our team are not easily pleased!!

Manager – Cheshire & District Housing Trust

A fun way of considering the issues surrounding waste management in the community

Municipal Tendering Officer, Biffa Waste Services

Working closer with the teams to problem solve has helped with communication and decision making, resulting in a greater level of productivity.
Interactive, encouraged group working and sharing ideas.
Very thought provoking, encouraged holistic thinking