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Improving organisational development, learning and communications through e-Learning learning simulations and gamified solutions.

Innovative Learning Simulations and Gamification

Are you looking to solve a seemingly complex organisational problem in an engaging and innovative way? Well, we believe games are game changers. Games and learning simulations (serious games) are simply the best way to explain cause and effect and improve decision making.

People want to be engaged and thrive on challenges. That is why people will spend hours harvesting online crops, building digital empires and being virtual mayors at home. Learning & development and communications doesn’t begin and end with PowerPoint. Instead, we apply serious game content & behavioural models to improve organisational performance in local councils, housing associations and the public & private sector.

Our learning simulations and games bring clarity and develop decision making. Players (learners) ‘experience’ the real-world; where they see the big picture, understand cause and effect, and develop win-win solutions. Used in a workshop or as a multi-player online game, they create dialogue & builds relationships.

When used in a workshop, our computer-based collaborative learning simulations blend the best of traditional and interactive learning. Our innovative approach has been used in over 450 workshops to successfully train more than 6,500 individuals. Long–term evaluation of our workshop based learning simulation approach has shown that the immediate benefits translate into changed behaviour, better decision making and improved skills, which ultimately are incorporated into organisational improvements.

They provide competitive advantages by providing an innovative approach to organisational development and external communications.

An inclusive game can bring all of the company’s stakeholders into a shared experience; delivering value for money and a new approach to development and engagement.

To read more about learning simulations, click here.

And to see more about our gamification services, click here.

“The University of Manchester were attracted to working with pixelfountain on their particular style of business simulation as it doesn’t become an exercise in mastering the technology or reducing the learning experience to all huddling around a PC. Instead sim-uni facilitates a rich experiential learning experience and can be used flexibly to achieve a variety of learning outcomes as dictated by the user…”

- Head of Staff Training and Development Unit, The University of Manchester

We welcome partnerships!

To see more about we can help deliver a bespoke learning simulation for you click here.  For any other questions contact us.

Public Sector  and Private Sector Training:

Games Based Learning

pixelfountain has utilised its education experience (delivery

and consultancy) in setting up a games based learning

venture called games-ED.

games-ED provides innovative, teacher-led collaborative games based learning. Our programmes support: subject understanding; personal, learning & thinking skills; and cross curriculum working. They support multiple learning styles and build on the principle that learning can be fun. The games are easy to deliver and provide interactive / experiential learning that promotes collaboration, enables problem solving and accelerates learning. Our games based learning resource page explains more on the theory of the learning approach.

Games based Learning Services

We can offer games based learning consultancy services via games-ED including:

Games Based Learning Blog

Visit our blog. We write about games based learning, gamification and 21st century education e.g. Project Based Learning (PBL) and teaching children programming. The blog recently won a ‘Best in Gamification’ award. See more here.